Where Hell Cat lives.

Hello, again!

Not deceased, not kidnapped, not very exciting story on why I’ve been MIA.

Anyone who has ever been involved in an English undergrad degree will understand. Right now, I am taking: 3 history classes, internship (class and work) and a sociology course. All upper level. And last semester was all about the English courses, basically. I’ve been butt over teakettle in academic reading and research. (Last semester, I wrote a psychological paper on Tereza in The Unbearable Lightness of Being. It was not easy.)

I should mention here I’ve found the love of my life, who lives far, far away from me. So a lot of my time not studying has been learning who he is. (Besides being awesome, because, hello, he chose me back.) But mostly, he’s seen me sleep and work my butt off on classwork. Poor guy.

Still gonna be wonky on showing up, I’m afraid.. I’m gonna try and read, but that’s a rare time right now. End of semester coming up soon and that means…more and more papers and items due. I’m going to try and read some shorts when I have time until the summer. As always, I’m 30 hours behind every minute of my life.

If you want to keep up with me? Honestly, check Twitter. It’s the best way to catch me right now. I can open Opera and not drain my battery in class.  Depending on what I need to do, I have 3 browsers I play in at any given time. Internship class depends on Internet presence, so I’ve been updating a lot on that. Or trying. When do I have time?

Anyway. That’s my story. Boring and basic as it may be.

Also: I missed y’all! Seriously. I have missed the communication and I’ve been terrible at explaining.


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