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The Hottie List

Like all blogs, I have to have a list of hot men. (Well, I could have women, but I don’t think it’d work out since I don’t have a lot of interest, unless it’s Eliza Dushku in leather pants.)


Book Characters

  • Adam Hauptman, Patricia Briggs. Alpha, patient, kickass friend, calm, intelligent. Who wouldn’t want him?
  • Alcide, Charlaine Harris. I just…love him. Before Joe M played him.
  • Bones, Jeaniene Frost. The man is hot, caring, kill ya dead for going after the love of his life, and will relish it all.
  • Cullen Seabourne, Eileen Wilks. Hello. The man is a werewolf-sorcer combo that is so beautiful it hurts. And I don’t mean beauty by looks but by empathy can compassion.
  • David, Rachel Caine. Dijinn, then not, then again. Leader of all Dijinn. Beautiful and sexy.
  • Eric Northman, Charlaine Harris. Okay, this mostly Book 4 Eric. But I love him so very much. And watching Alexander Skarsgard play the character is awesome.
  • Johnny, Linda Robertson. Werewolf, tall, lead singer, hell of a cook, hot, confident and completely loyal.
  • Rule Turner, Eileen Wilks. Leader of one clan, heir apparent on another and he still loves Lily’s cankerous, cynical self.
  • Sam Merlotte, Charlaine Harris. His shift form is a collie and he protects those he loves while running a bar.



  • Duke Crocker, Haven. Rides on the grey line, not always honest, got a good heart for those he cares about, cynical.
  • Jim Longworth, The Glades. The man is sex on a stick. Smart, sarcastic, drives a muscle car, has a swag in his step, a cop…I’ll take ‘im. (RIP The Glades.)
  • Zane Donovan, Eureka. Hot, sexy geek with a love of fast cars and strong women. Sign me up. (RIP Eureka.)

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