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Review Policy And Contact

Name: Hell Cat
Email: hellstales [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: HellsTales


I read any and all combinations of the following: chick lit/women’s fiction, contemporary romance (Harlequin Superromances), historical romance (Tessa Dare, Jo Bev, Courtney Milan), paranormal romance (Moira Rogers, Linda Wisdom), science fiction romance (Angela Knight), fantasy (Anne Bishop), urban fantasy (Jennifer Estep, Kelley Armstrong, E. Wilks), and young adult (Melissa Marr, Armstrong). That includes GBLT (C. London’s The Tourist, D. Knight‘s Butterfly Tattoo).

I don’t look at only the couples so much as a really, really good story in the genres I love. All those in parentheses are just ideas. I’m pretty open in any in the genres so long as it’s not horror, gore, non-consensual, really out there violence.Just don’t send me only erotica. I need to be able to care about the characters, to grow with them. Smexy’s good; no defined plot is bad (Lora Leigh’s SEALs).

A basic good look is my GoodReads list. Also how I rate. I’m honest. I’m not going to be nice randomly. I know I’ve been behind the past year or so, but my life suddenly upended.

To be honest, I’m a book whore when I’m not dying from Jane Austen’s dry prose (seriously, send cookies and alcohol, stat!). I will read a variety of books and different styles. I grew up with Sweet Valley High, Danielle Steele, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Christopher Pike, Anne Bishop and anything with Fabio on the cover. It varied quite a bit. That hasn’t changed. I read traditional and self-published equally, especially as self-published’s often cheaper. Right now my budget is limited so I’m carefully reading and finding great authors that way (Donna McDonald).

Questions? Feel free to ask. My Kindle goes everywhere with me, just like any paperback. The beauty of the Kindle App. I’m pretty open. Almost everything is tagged around here. I might take several days to get back to you if I’m busy with school or my job, but I won’t ignore the contact. Just give me some time to settle down and answer since the email’s on my computer and not my phone, like Twitter.


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About Hell Cat

Avid reader. Opinionated. Fan of many books and hot hockey players. Likes to look at the world around and commentate. Hell Cat because she's hell on wheels with some pretty sharp claws.


All books mentioned in reviews were bought and provided by reviewer unless noted in review. No affiliation to any organization or publisher.

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