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Review: Delicate Freakn’ Flower, Eve Langlais

Eve Langlais, Delicate Freakn' FlowerTitle: Delicate Freakn’ Flower
Author: Eve Langlais
Type: ebook
Publisher: Eve Langlais
Publication Date: 6/16/11
Category: Paranormal Romance/Poly
Buy: Amazon | Nook | Kobo | ARe



“Whatever,” Ethan scoffed. “You might be the oral master, but I will still always have the bigger cock.”


I wanted to like this book. So badly. Goddess knows the first half of the book was solid, with a take-no-crap attitude leading lady. Add in some hot shifters who are athletes (making me easy to please, really) who team up. And I liked the M/F/M romance. I like non-traditional set ups. Too bad I couldn’t get into the book beyond about 55%.  I loved Naomi in the beginning. I felt like she was beyond awesome, not wanting to date a guy like her male relatives (aggressive, loud, overprotective) and I liked her fighting the riding need to mate. Pun intended.


Immediately, her wolf— and Naomi herself— bristled, as jealousy took her prisoner. Javier never saw the sandwich she flung in his face, but he sure felt it. Before he could wipe it off, she’d grabbed him by the balls and snarled. “Let’s get one thing straight right now, my alley cat. There. Will. Be. No. Other. Women.”


I definitely like the fact the shifters don’t differentiate between species, as there’s a wolf, jaguar, and Kodiak bear match up. And the men are yummy. Ethan, the bear, is almost scared of his size and hides his intellect. Which actually seems pretty accurate for athletes, if Twitter tells the truth. And Javier’s got the slick lady’s man appeal down but has a smart brain. Gotta love smart athletes. Both men play lacrosse (hello, Teen Wolf and your jailbait) and hockey (pantpantpantnopants) in a shifter league. How Ethan and Javier meet Naomi is fantastic, and it’s hilarious because you can imagine the situation happening in real life.


Her kitchen floor bore the brunt of her displeasure and emerged gleaming. Her pussy on the other hand, no matter how many times she tried to polish it, refused to stay satisfied.


Unfortunately, the story starts to fall apart when Naomi gets a threatening message via her battered car. The suspension for the mystery wasn’t deep enough and the love story was too sudden. Not to mention the 2 pages resolution on the mystery. It all feel apart when the hormones overrode her wariness. I wanted to like it more. When Fiction Vixen recommended the book, I jumped at the chance. I wish the story had been more cohesive. And the romance subplot of mating kind of disturbed me in the way the men teased her. Something just fell apart. If the second half had been the same feisty Noami, I probably would have adored the book to pieces. I was so excited to read that I read the first half in a matter of hours.

I didn’t get the ‘freakn” spelling, either. I don’t know. It just didn’t fight into the language of the characters. If you want more sex without a lot of plot in the half of the book, you’ll enjoy this one. The men are hot, for sure. The e-book is free on Amazon right now, so it might be worth checking out.



Grade: C


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