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Review: Rock Her, Liz Thomas

Liz Thomas, Rock HerTitle: Rock Her
Author: Liz Thomas
Type: ebook
Publisher: James Bishop
Publication Date: 12/31/12
Category: Contemporary Romance
Buy: Amazon | Nook

“Annie, do you have a pen on you?”

Annie patted her tight dress and cupped her luscious tits in her hand. “Fresh out,” she said. “Left it in my other bra.”

Honestly, I wanted to like this story. I like the idea of a journalist/writer and a rock star. Makes me happy. But then I started reading and I had to stop 20% in. Why? Besides the bad editing and lack of proofreading, the story was just so disjointed. The rock star was rich, though I’m not sure it was before or after becoming a musician, and managed to learn Stairway to Heaven in a week after serving in Afghanistan (and getting wounded, hence the week of guitaring). Then he gets out of the hospital, creates a band and boom. Instant success. Annie the biographer has a rule about not dating rockers, but once he attacks her scumbag ex who hits her after a bout of sex, she’s on Kip. I just couldn’t continue past that really. Jack, his bandmate, and the sexual demonstration of the two Beckys in a club was too much. Plus, the homeless man who apparently wanted to shoot Kip. Too much. Not really realistic at all.

 She yanked down his boxers and gripped his raging penis in her hand pulling him closer toward her. Then she impaled her face upon his spear like cock, taking all of it into her mouth until his balls slammed her shin. Kip put his hand on her head and fucked her mouth with abandon as he watched. She slowly led her hand to her pussy and began masturbating while she sucking him.

Okay, ignoring that ‘shin’ should be probably be ‘chin,’ this was just…not a good sex scene in my mind. I don’t like it much and I’m not real fond of either character. Annie just slept with her husband, what 4-5 hours earlier, and now is in bed with Kip. He’s kind of a douche that looks at her tits and has to remind himself that she’s actually not just a groupie. Again, this is 20% end. There was no way I want to continue on.  So I stopped. I think the premise had promise, but lacked the proper execution. He was too many ‘rock star’ type of positions: soldier, rock star, extremely wealthy. Instead of focusing of just one, I felt like I was reading a combination of Ziva David from NCIS, Bret Michaels circa late 1980s, and wealthy prick of daytime TV. Nothing worked well together.

Grade: DNF


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